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Get Ready for LabLearnerOnline!

We have added many significant and exciting upgrades to the LabLearner program. Below are two partial lists of these enhancements – those that impact students the most are on the right, while teacher upgrades are on the left. There are two things to notice about most of the upgrades.

First, experienced LabLearner teachers will immediately recognize that the innovations we have included will significantly strengthen the already comprehensive LabLearner system of science and STEM education. More background, more at-home activities, and deeper content have been added.

Second, teachers will also notice that much of what we have added drastically increases the amount of online content embedded in LabLearnerOnline. This is dramatically demonstrated by the fact that LabLearner now includes, for the first time, a content-rich Student Portal! There are also hundreds of hours of meaningful cognitive activities found in the Student– and Home Portals. Should any portion of your school year necessitate periods of remote teaching, we think you’ll find the new online-component of LabLearner indispensable!