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LabLearner: Rhythm and Repetition

LabLearner is organized in a simple, logical manner. The entire PreK-8 curriculum is composed of individual units that we call CELLs (Core Experience Learning Lab). Each CELL is divided into a number of individual Investigations that take about a week to complete. Finally, each Investigation is broken into Prelab, Lab, and Postlab lessons for kindergarten through fifth grade. Middle school (grades 6 through 8) include an additional lesson called a Concept Day.

The consistency of the LabLearner program from CELL to CELL and from year to year gives it rhythm and repetition. This system is extremely “brain-friendly” and plays perfectly into your students’ developing cognitive and critical thinking skills.

Further detail for each type of lesson within an individual Investigation are provided in the sections below.

Concepts: Theoretical and Practical Background for Students

(~45 Minutes)

Prelab: Planning and Anticipation

(~45 Minutes)

Lab: Pure Hands-On Science

(~45 Minutes)

Postlab: Analysis and Critical Thinking

(~45 Minutes)

Elementary School LabLearner Journeys

(~45 Minutes)

Student Data Records (SDRs)


Student Assessments