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LabLearner: Teacher Training

Welcome to LabLearner’s Teacher Training site! This site will teach you a lot of practical things about the LabLearner program. To start LabLearner correctly, you will focus a considerable amount of time learning about the metric system and how to do all necessary metric measurements with your students. In the process, this site will teach you many new terms and introduce you to many new and fun scientific instruments.


Getting Started

The key to success with LabLearner is to do things in the right order, slowly, and carefully. No part of LabLearner is too difficult if you follow the correct steps. Also, there is no rush. Don’t worry about completing the entire curriculum in the first year. Instead, focus on giving clear instructions to your students and gaining familiarity with the repetition and rhythm of the program. You will see what we mean by repetition and rhythm soon. Let’s get started! Begin by reading through the page How it Works. This will give you a quick overview of the steps and set you on your way. Have fun!